The Right Bag Matching

One of the most common fashion mistakes many people make is forgetting the importance of pairing their bags with the rest of their outfits. A big part of a trendy outfit is creating a cohesive color palette from head to toe, including accessories like your bag. To help you know what kind of bag to wear with any outfit, we’ve created this style guide that highlights the perfect match for 50 different outfits!

When it comes to accessory style, it’s not always about the bag itself. Men are notorious for carrying their bags slung over their shoulders or clutched in a palm, and there is nothing wrong with that. Some men prefer to carry their bags by hand—like in a vintage gentleman’s style—and this type of men’s accessory can easily be paired with any outfit. Other men prefer to carry their bag over their shoulder as a cowboy would do, and while this kind of men’s accessory has its look, it can easily be worn on top of any other type of attire.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of matching bags to outfits, remember that you shouldn’t just wear a bag because it matches your outfit. It also should complement your shoes and the rest of your look. A good bag will be large enough to carry all your stuff but not too small that it becomes cumbersome. And finally, don’t just match your bag to your outfit; match your accessories to each other!

Let’s get started with our first pair of outfits. In both outfits, the bag is only one of three elements that are out of place and ruin the entire look. In the first outfit, you have a classic style double-breasted blazer paired with a bowtie and sunglasses. If you like those pieces individually, try combining them with more casual styles below! In the second outfit, you have an interesting-looking vest worn over an ugly t-shirt and cargo shorts.