Weddings are a time when the bride and groom spend months, if not years, planning every little detail of their special day. The wedding dress includes an integral part of the day and can significantly impact how the wedding plays out.

There are typically four features of a good wedding dress, including:


Sometimes the color of your wedding gown might be dictated by what else is going on in your outfit or by tradition (whites for Catholic weddings or pastels for weddings with lots of bridesmaids). Remember that color is not always the most crucial feature of your dress. It is about how it will look with the rest of your outfit. For example, if you are wearing a dress with polka dots, your bridesmaids must have similarly colored dresses to blend into the ensemble!

Fabric Material

The fabric should be sturdy and withstand the stresses of your day without wrinkling or tearing. The fabric should also be comfortable and breathable, especially if it will be exposed to humidity or heavy sweat on hot days.


The fit of your wedding dress should reflect your personality and body shape. The gown should show off your best assets. A good fit will show off your curves. A tight-fitting gown will emphasize your chest and waist. The gown should rest on the top of your thighs and cover your backside, but not be so loose that the hem is dragging on the ground! The fit of a wedding dress is best paired with strapless or sweetheart wedding gowns. However, this depends on personal preference; some brides prefer a full skirt while others may prefer a modest-cut wedding dress with a wide leg encasing their shape.


The length of your gown should fit the theme of your wedding. For example, if you have an outdoor wedding and want to let everyone enjoy the weather, you may want to consider a knee-length or full-length gown. If you are having a formal wedding indoors, you will want to consider floor-length dresses. Remember that different shoes can alter the length of your dress accordingly.

Choosing an appropriate wedding dress to wear is essential because it is the first thing your groom will see of you. Your wedding dress should make you feel and look like a princess, but also something more than that.