Sunscreen refers to a special type of cream or gel that protects the skin from ultraviolet radiation. People apply it to their skin before going out in the sun. It cannot prevent all types of erythema, such as that caused by wind, cold, and aging.

Benefits of Sunscreen

1. It prevents the skin from getting sunburnt

Erythema is an unpleasant burning sensation of the skin. Sunscreen prevents it and thereby helps to maintain healthy skin. The more sun exposure, the greater the risk of skin cancer.

2. It prevents skin damage caused by sun

Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption from food, and sunlight promotes vitamin D synthesis in the skin. With time, the skin becomes less and less able to synthesize vitamin D, so it must be supplemented by taking strong sunlight or supplements containing vitamin D.

3. It protects against allergy from UV rays

UV light causes erythema, which is a specific type of allergic reaction. The more sun exposure, the greater the risk of an allergic reaction to UV rays. This can occur within days of exposure, with photosensitivity lasting for years.

4. It destroys the bacteria that cause a stinging sensation when swimming

Sunscreen protects the skin from these bacteria and reduces the risk of infection. While swimming and playing in the water, it is easy to hurt one’s skin and develop an infection. A person should apply sunscreen before going out, to prevent injury to his/her skin.

5. It prevents wrinkles

With time, the skin’s ability to protect itself from UV rays weakens. This causes wrinkles and sagging. Using sunscreen will help keep the skin looking young. It is usually applied in the morning before going out.

6. It prevents skin dryness and redness

The sun causes the skin to become dry and red. Sunscreen will prevent these symptoms and thereby help to keep the skin soft, supple, and healthy-looking. Sunburn is also prevented since sunscreen helps prevent UV rays from reaching the dermis layer of the skin.

Sunscreen is a significant product that can help prevent sunburn and help to keep our skin looking young and healthy. By understanding how sunscreen works, we will be able to make better choices when choosing sunscreen products.